Do You Have Any Idea About The Car Lights Rules?

By March 16, 2019Car Insurance
Do You Have Any Idea About The Car Lights Rules

Lights in the car are as important as the tyres or engine. Without lights, it will be very hard for you to drive the car when there is dark outside. In this article, we try to know the rules related to lights that are must to follow to stay safe and to adhere to UK law. Now we are going to read about the rules about headlights, registration plate lights and sidelights. Apart from them, we make an attempt to know about windscreens and windows too.

Lights – Rules for Daytime

You might know when you need to use lights during the night but there are several times when you have to use the lights in the daytime as well.

Brake lights should turn on when you apply brakes to let others know that you have applied some brakes and they get cautious.

In the day time, when there is fog and the visibility is quite low, you need to use your headlights and fog lights for safe driving. But if the visibility is good then you are advised to switch off these lights so that others can drive safely.

In dark, all the sidelights and number plate lights should also be lit from sunset to sunrise to allow others to see your car and its information. You have to lit all the lights even it seems that others can see your number plate without the lights.

Under the EU rules that are introduced in the year 2011, all the cars must have an electrical system in which as soon as the car will be started, the lights run automatically. And they will turn off as soon as the headlights/sidelights are lit.

Lights – Rules for Night

While driving at night, your car must have sufficient lights that can enable the driver to see the road properly without dazzling other car drivers. Plus, you must keep the headlights in low-beam for the road users that include drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

In case you cannot see the road due to the high beam of other drivers, you must slow down your speed or stop the car on the roadside for the safety.

Brake Lights

Ensure that your brake lights must be in working condition to avoid any mishappening. If it is not working and you will be seen by the police and they will give you a verbal warning or you have to face the following situations:

  • You will have to pay £60 fine and there will be three points on your driving license.

  • Vehicle defect rectification notice will be given to you. You will be given 14 days to fix your car fault and you will have to provide proof to the concerned official of the fix.

  • Your car will be taken off the driving road on an immediate basis.

Moreover, it is not just about breaking the law. If you are driving a car on the road with dodgy brake lights, it can be dangerous for you and the other drivers. When you apply brakes and if one or both the brake lights are not working properly then the car running behind you cannot assess when you apply brakes especially when you apply sudden brakes.

You are advised to check your brake lights and for that, you can get the help of some other person while making him stand behind your car. Plus, you need to check your indicators as well and get them repaired if there is any problem with them.

Hazard Lights

These lights should be used when your car is in stationary mode on the road due to the breakdown. It will warn other drivers that there is an obstruction on the road so that they will reduce their car speed. When you are parking your car illegally or at some dangerous place, these lights cannot and should not be used.

The only exception is when your four-wheeler is towed away then you can use hazard lights to let other drivers know about the obstruction.

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