Effective Ways to Reduce Mobile Phone Bill?

By July 10, 2019Mobile Phone

Whether you are a businessman or a college student, you most probably spend a big amount on the mobile phone bills. Most of us spend money on games, making video calls or streaming films that increase phone bills too.

Here we are going to have a chat about some tips that your service provider does not want you to know.

Surf Wisely

Usually, we surf a lot when we have a smartphone in our hand. When you are doing something useful then surfing is fine but it is not good for passing the time. You must know that there are several users who cross the daily usage limit and end up paying extra amount.

You can turn off the auto update of the apps so that they cannot use the data automatically. There are several apps that require GPS and that is why they turn on the service by themselves. This wastes your internet since the apps do not turn the GPS off when they are not using it. By doing this, you can reduce your mobile phone bills.

No Need to Go for Insurance

When we buy a high priced phone, at that time, the seller tries to sell us the insurance policy as well. These policies are quite expensive and they are of no use to you. To save the money, you can avoid buying these insurances and just take care of your mobile properly to stay away from any loss.

Go for the Required Speed

No doubt, when you have a speedy Internet, you can download a movie or song in no time or update the app instantaneously. But it will require a big amount of yours. Do check wisely, what speed you really require. If you are not a businessman then you can go for the low speed that will be beneficial for your pocket.

And if you want that for your business then you can ask for more speed.

Downgrade the Pack

Check that you are using all the given minutes or data or messages for which you are paying. If your answer is ‘No’ then you are advised to think about your package. It will not be a wise move to pay for the things that you are not even using. Almost all the service providers offer a cheap pack as well to fulfil the basic needs of customers. You can choose as per your need and save some amount.

Make Comparison

To reduce mobile phone bills, you are advised to go for some reputed site to compare the price quotes. You will be given the complete details of the package and you can choose the one that suits your needs completely. You need to fill your pin code and your needs and all the options will come on the screen.

Go for the reputed service provider that is known for offering the best quotes. The fact is, these sites are independent and only give honest price quotes to their consumers.

Use all the aforementioned points to reduce your mobile phone bills.


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