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Go Green to Save Energy and Earth | Reduce My Bill Today

Go Green to Save Energy and Earth

By October 9, 2018Electric
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Everyone today is talking about “Go Green” campaign and we also cannot remain unaffected from it. The campaign will be beneficial for the environment and earth and it lets our kids to thank us for giving them a better place to live. There are several ways that will make you the supporter of this campaign. Let us talk about them.

Save Water

You are advised to take bath for a shorter time period or you will need more hot water and energy. Fix faucet aerator on each tap as the inexpensive appliance conserve water and heat. Have a draught tolerant plant in your garden. Search for the plants that grow naturally without being watered.

Say No to Bottled Water

Get a water purifier installed in your home instead of buying bottled water. The bottled water is expensive and it generates a big amount of container waste too. Have a reusable water bottle made of aluminium rather than plastic whenever you travel or go to work.

Keep Electronic Items Out of Bins

Use your mobile phones, computers, laptops along with other electronic items as long as possible. Recycle or donate them responsibly whenever the time comes. Such sort of waste is called e-waste and it contains several toxics and has become a big problem for environment. You can request your government to arrange an event where we can give our e-waste properly.

Save Gas

Walk or use bikes to go to office or do any work as it will improve cardiovascular health and reduce your obesity risk. Shift your home or take a home on rent that is near to your office since it will help you to save your big amount that you spend on transportation.

Save Energy

Set your thermostat a bit lower in the winter season and little higher in summers. This will not affect your comfort level to a large extent but will definitely affect your electricity bill. You can install LED bulbs rather than choosing the traditional lighting options as they will consume a very few amount of electricity. Switch off the fans when you are not using them or turn off the lights in the day time. Try to make home with sufficient number of windows that lets you to have natural light. Wash your clothes in the cold water as most of the clothes can be washed in cold water and there are only few of them that need warm water. Allow the clothes to dry in sunlight instead of using dryer every time you dry your clothes.

To save energy like electricity and gas, you can use the comparison site where you will find the cheapest electricity provider. At here you can compare business electricity prices and choose the best one for you.


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