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We’ve all seen the adverts on TV and in the media offering incredible rates for new customers, whether it’s your bank offering £250 to new account holders, gas companies offering 15% off to new customers and internet suppliers offering the first year free to all new customers – but what about you, the existing, loyal customer that has stuck by them, recommending them to friends and always paid your bill on time? What is there for the existing customer?

To be frank – there is nothing. Big savings are extremely common for phone contracts, mobiles, TVs, broadband, car insurance and so much more but, as you’ve probably noticed and we have already touched upon, these best deals are so often reserved for the new customers and those loyal customers just see their bills go up and up and up each year they are loyal and stay with the company.

The reason companies do this is because many people already have contracts and other firms need to offer amazing deals to expand their business and gain new customers – but while doing this they forget their existing customers, yet it is through those existing customers they are able to offer such low prices to new customers and existing customers are paying more. Companies love existing customers because they stay with them throughout, never quibbling their bill, just paying it on time, every month or year.

How fair does that seem? If you are loyal customer of a broadband company and you have seen the cost of the broadband service and your subsequent broadband bills go up and up each time then you need to stand up for yourself and realise that enough is enough. You need to play your broadband supplier at their own game and you have two ways in which you can play this game.

Firstly you can call up your broadband supplier and ask them to reduce your broadband bill today, you can tell them you are thinking of going elsewhere, that you are fed up with price increases and insist that you need to have your broadband bill reduced today. The broadband company may offer to help or offer a reduction, but it will take a lot of talking and a lot of haggling.

The second way to play the game is to get a quote from the team here at Reduce My Broadband Bill Today and see how much they can reduce your broadband bill by. You may be surprised at just how much you have been overpaying for the same service. It’s really simple and no awkward haggling is needed either.


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