How Does Your Location Increase Your Car Insurance Premium?

By February 15, 2019Car Insurance
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As soon as you buy a car, having insurance is compulsory for you. There is no doubt that car is the dream asset for all of us and we should keep it completely safe and secure. Even it is mandatory to buy car insurance in the UK. When we talk about the price, it depends on several aspects and one of them is the location where you reside. The fact is, it is your area that will decide the number of accidents that your vehicle will meet and the service cost in that region.

The following points will highlight the parameters that will lead to an increased motor insurance premium.

Population Density

A dense population will be a major cause for the increased car insurance price. The calculation is based on the fact that more population density in an area means more fenders and benders. This will make the buyer to use the insurance more often that will increase the insurance premium. Thus, if you are living in a region with high population, the chances are you will have to pay a big amount to the insurance service provider.

Rural Area Vs Urban Region

People who live in a rural area can save some money on insurance. On the other hand, people who are in the urban region will have to pay a bigger amount as a car insurance premium as there are more cars in the urban area that will increase the chance of accidents.

Adverse Weather Condition

In case you are living in a region, which is subjected to extreme weather condition, you will have to pay a bigger amount to buy insurance. These zip codes include where the residents encounter flood, hail storms, torrential rain and so on as at such place the cars are more prone to skid, crash and car damage.

Crime Rate

In such places, the incidents of theft, break-ins and vandalism are quite higher than the safer zone. Thus, there is more pressure on the insurance companies and they try to reduce it by asking for the higher insurance premium from their customers.

Road Condition

An area that is infested with potholes along with risky intersections are more dangerous for the vehicles and on these roads, the number of accidents will get increased to large numbers. Such roads are not favourable for the cars in comparison to the roads that are well designed and maintained. Thus, if your roads are in poor condition, your insurance service provider will ask a bigger amount from you.

In case, you wish to reduce your car insurance premium, you are advised to compare car insurance via some reputed service provider and choose the one that fulfils all your needs.


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