How to Check If Your Car is Insured or Not?

By October 22, 2018Car Insurance

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to drive your car on the road with a valid car insurance. And if you do not have any car insurance then you will find yourself in a big problem. To keep yourself away from any trouble, you have to check whether your vehicle is insured or not.

How to Check?

The best way to check about the insurance of your car is to run the number plate through Motor Insurer’s Database. In the database, there is information of all the vehicles that are insured. At here, you will get the information like model and make. And if you wish to have more details of insurance then you will have to pay a nominal sum.

You can also see your bank statement to check which insurance service provider you have make payment to.

Also, you can check your mails to see the confirmation mail from the insurance service provider. Never forget to check your junk or spam folder.

What If Your Vehicle In Uninsured?

If you find driving with the uninsured vehicle on the road then you will be fined £300 and get six penalty points. And if the case is taken to the court of law then your driving license can be cancelled and you may have unlimited fine.

This offence is known as IN10 and it will not allow you to get the cheaper insurance policy.

Even if your car is parked in the garage and is uninsured then also you need to get your car insured to stay away from any unwanted penalty. Or you have to legally announce your car off the road and for that you need statutory off road notification.

Save Money On New Policy

You need to follow some rules that will lower your car insurance policy price that are as follows:

  • Drive smaller cars
  • What type of security you have bought for your car
  • For what purpose you use your car like domestic, social and pleasure purpose
  • Type of car insurance you choose. Third party cover will be the cheapest one to buy but you will have to pay to get your damaged car by your own.

You can go for the comparison site to get the car insurance quotes. At here you will be able to find the low cost car insurance that will reduce your annual bills.


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