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By August 10, 2018Car Insurance
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Whether you are male or female, a learner, a new driver or an experienced driver and whether you are old or young these top tips, when followed, will help you reduce your car insurance today;

Firstly it is essential that you shop around for the best deals, get a quote from the team here at Reduce My Car Insurance Today, call up some local companies and have a hunt around the internet. You’re not looking for the lowest price, but the best overall value for money.

You don’t need to put everyone on your car insurance policy, just the main drivers of the car. This could be you and your partner or you and a family member but if the other person has their own car and the car is not shared then it may be wise just putting yourself on as the driver to reduce your car insurance.

When driving around do everything you can to protect your no claims bonus as many years of no claims bonus can result in some very good discounts which will help to reduce your car insurance.

By opting for a higher excess on your car insurance you will be able to lower your car insurance premium, but remember this means you will have a larger cost to pay if you do have an accident and need to claim.

If you drive less miles you will reduce the cost of your car insurance so try to only use your car when you need to, and you’ll find you’ll be healthier and lose weight too so it will be a win-win.

When a child, friend or other younger family member passes their driving test it may be tempting to do everything you can to help, but think carefully about adding younger drivers to your car insurance as this can push up the price.

Follow these tips and see how much you can reduce your compare car insurance by, and don’t forget to ask us for a quote to see how much we can save you.


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