How to Save Your Money on Energy Bills?

By October 5, 2018Electric

Energy plays a major role in our life and without its availability; we will not be able to do almost all the things. Since we use energy a lot for doing our work, the bills that we receive at the end of month is quite big as well. No matter how much energy we are using, we are not ready to receive the big energy bills.

There are several ways that help you to reduce your monthly energy bills and can allow you to save your big amount. Let us talk about these effective methods:

Turn Down Thermostat

Reducing the temperature of room will definitely reduce your monthly bill. No matter if it is as low as 1 degree Celsius, it will prove to be beneficial for you. If you have turned down your thermostat already, you can turn down your radiators in rooms that you rarely use or do not use at all.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

Energy saving LED bulbs can save your big money. In comparison of traditional bulbs, the LED bulbs have long life and they consume very less amount of energy. Traditional light bulbs have a life of 1000 hours, CFLs can be used for 10,000 hours and LEDs have a life of 25000 hours. LED are the most efficient and consume 90% less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs.

Home Insulation

Insulate your cavity walls and loft to reduce your energy bills. When the loft is insulated then you will be able to trim your energy bills upto £135 a year since less energy is going to lost via roof. You can also go for solid wall insulation that saves your bigger amount but you need to spend more money. To get more benefit, you can add more thickness than the recommended.

Use Energy Monitor

It is a simple handheld device that estimates how much energy you are using and thus you can see where to save. It is not high in price and is given for free of cost by the energy suppliers when you get your traditional meter replaced with the smart one.

Make Comparison

Several big and small comparison sites can be seen on the Internet and they can prove to be highly helpful for you. These sites show a list of reputed service providers and most of them are known to give you the best price. Using these comparison sites is very easy and you do not have to pay any amount as well.

You can compare energy prices to find the best deal and save your money. Choose a reputed site where you will see numerous cheap electricity deals and select the one that suits your most of the needs.


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