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By October 18, 2018Gas

Most of us make purchase or use several types of service and we never want to go in detail of the company or brand until we have any issue with the product or their service. In this written piece, we will talk about your rights as an energy user. No chance that you have not been using the energy. It is the thing that we cannot live without and if anything wrong happen with it, we find ourselves in a big problem.

If you are not happy with your service provider or if they have overcharged you then you are advised to follow some particular steps to be heard.

Contact the Supplier

The first step is to contact your supplier. All the companies have given their contact details on the site and you can use them whenever needed to raise your issue. Mostly you will find contact number or email and you can use any of them to reach to them. There are services providers who have a particular complaint process and you have to follow that or your problem will never be heard or resolved.

You can reach to the social media as well and it has been proved very effective. At this platform, you will be noticed early and the executives know that there are other prospective customers who have been assessing how we handled the situation.

Wait for Their Response

No matter how big your problem is or how big the company is, they will give you response after a specific time. You cannot expect a quick response. Usually, company reverts after 24 hours or more. Once they reply, you need to observe how better they have dealt with your issue. Are you satisfied with the resolution that has been provided to you?

And if you are not happy with their response then you can go to the energy ombudsman. It is an organization that deals with the issues that are related to industries and will make the companies to offer you a reasonable solution like apology, compensation, practical change, etc. The organization does not punish firms but they suggest the companies to make changes that are necessary to better their service.

You are advised to compare electricity suppliers at a reputed site to reduce your monthly expenditure that you make on energy. There are numerous gas and electric comparison sites on the Internet and you can choose the best one that is known for offering the unbiased quotes to consumers. These websites are free to use and you can get quick quote when using them.


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