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By March 23, 2013Mobile Phone

Mobile phones bills can be so expensive these days, especially if you are wanting to have the latest smartphones so here are a few ways in which you can reduce your monthly phones bills but still have the latest mobile devices.

The first way would be to buy the mobile device outright so all you are left paying for is the airtime with whichever phone provider you are with. Depending on which network provider you are with this could be as low as £10 – £15 per month with no extra to pay.

If you are contracted on to a pay monthly contract, the benchmark to look out for when on a monthly contract is around £20, if you are paying more than this then you really need to look into your mobile phone plan. £20 per month is the key benchmark as most major network providers have their best, all-around deals at this price range. For example, many sims only unlimited minutes and texts deals will be around the £20 per month mark.

If you were not able to pay for your mobile device upfront at the time but now maybe you have paid some off since you got it and are able to pay it off early, do so. By paying it off early you will then be put onto a sim only tariff with the same network provider with much better deals and discounts. For example, 02’s 20GB Sim only deal with unlimited minutes is just £20 per month. If you compare this to someone paying a monthly contract, still paying off their device, they could be paying upwards of £50 – £60 per month for 20GB of data. Watch all your favorite YouTube videos wherever you are without having to worry about running out of data and saving yourself money in the process!


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