Most Common Reasons of Roof Leakage

By November 21, 2018House Insurance

Roof leaks usually go unnoticed especially when the reason behind it is a small hole or crack. Though we cannot see that but it completely damages our home and make it very difficult for us to stay there. This is the reason; whenever you see some wet spot on the roof, take it seriously before it damages your home.

Here we are going to talk about some of the main causes behind roof leakage:

Cracked Tile – Tiles are widely used to build homes and they give strength to our home. But the problem arrives when some of the tiles that we fix already have a crack into it. Though it is not that easy to find that crack but if you find it, you are advised not to repair it on your own and call some professional.

Flat Roofs

Your roof will become swimming pool if there is a low spot on it or you have a flat roof. It is suggested to have a little slop on your roof that drains all the water easily. Otherwise all the water will start leaking into the roof.

Joint in Roof

If you have some chimney or any other thing on the roof then there is a high possibility that you will face roof leakage related issue. Over the time, the iron or metal starts corroding and it needs repair after some time.

Failure of Underlay

Holes in underlay can be a reason of loss of tiles in difficult condition and it can be a source of roof leakage as well. If you see any tear then you should repair it instantly or you should get it replaced or it will be the cause of roof leakage.

It is good to take care of your roof leakage but it is much better to take care of your entire home as well. And for that, you should buy home insurance. For home insurance comparison in UK, you should go to some reputed site to get the insurance at right price.


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