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By March 17, 2013Gas
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Did you know that by reducing the setting on your thermostat by just 1 o c or 1.8 o F you can reduce your gas usage by around 10%, therefore reducing your gas bill too. Imagine how much money you could save on your gas bill by using 10% less gas?

But that is just the start of it, here are three more super ways you can use less gas to reduce your gas bill – and they’re all really simple!

  1. Lower your thermostat setting by one degree and see how you get on, if you don’t tell anyone it is likely they won’t notice, but if you do feel the cold then bump it up one degree for an hour or two and then back down again – if the one degree isn’t noticed, try dropping the thermostat down another degree.
  2. Think about the timing of your heating, you don’t need a warm home when nobody is home or when you are all asleep so time your heating to turn on for when you and your family wake up in the morning or get home from school or work in the evening. Allow your home to chill out when you’re not home and you’ll soon see how much you can reduce your gas bill by.
  3. Not all rooms need to be as warm as each other, use the valves on the radiators to zone different rooms and save gas to reduce your gas bill. It may be nice to have a warm living room, but do you need a warm bathroom or hot bedroom? You could also turn off the radiators in spare rooms or rooms that are not in use and then pop the valve back on when you have guests to stay?

We aren’t suggesting that you live in a cold house, in fact, we highly recommend that you don’t go below 16 o c which is recommended by the world health organisation, but instead we are helping you with different ways to save energy and therefore reduce your gas bill.

If you are serious about reducing your gas bill why not contact the team here at Reduce My Gas Bill Today to see how much money we can save you by reducing your gas bill? It’s a free, no obligation quote so you’ve got nothing to lose!


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