Weird Car Driving Set of Laws around the World

By September 25, 2018Car Insurance
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Every country has made rules to keep their drivers and pedestrians safe. Most of the traffic rules seem to be logical and followed by the drivers. But there are several rules that seem to be crazy and before following them, you will ask yourself that are they rules or some kind of prank.

Here is a list of some of the insane rules that you need to follow on the road.


It is unlawful if your car stops on the road for any reason other than emergency. In case, you are out of fuel then it will be considered as your negligence. In Germany, if the driver makes this mistake then he will have to face six months ban on driving on road or he has to spend five years in prison.


When the driver put his hands off the steering then he has to pay hefty fines. Since the number of accidents increase in country, it is completely illegal to eat or drink while driving.


In Moscow, no matter that your car is dirty from inside or outside, you will be fined a big amount. This law was introduced so that the number plate of car is visible to police officers in icy season. But citizens complain that it is illegal to clean the car except home or the authorised washing place. Plus, it depends completely on the conscience of police officer what he calls dirty.


In Singapore, pedestrians do not own a right of way. Plus, the drivers cannot come anywhere within 50 meters of pedestrians and if it happens then he has to pay hefty fines. Fortunately, Singapore is designed and planned in a way that drivers always remain far from pedestrians and it has the most efficient roads in world.

South Africa

In South Africa, animals have the same right as drivers do. Drivers have to slow down their vehicles after seeing animals on road or they have to pay big fines.


In this country, it is illegal to splash water or mud on pedestrians. The punishment increases during the season of typhoon when there is lots of standing water on road.

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