Why Littering Drivers Should Leave their Bad Habits?

By February 26, 2019Car Insurance

There are huge numbers of people who own a car. Though there are several drivers who follow all the rules and regulations but some of them think that breaking law is their right and they should do it. One of such crimes is littering from the car.

We usually throw out anywhere from our car that is of no use for us. But now you have to aware of it since the government has started imposing hefty fines for doing such things.

Government Has Already Given Warning

UK government has warned Brit drivers not to throw garbage or else they have to pay fines for the wrong done. If you are being caught doing this, it will not appear in your criminal police record as it is wrong or offence under the Environment Protection Act and some of the concerned local authorities give punishment for this.

Recent Cases

In Ipswich, a motorist was caught by a local waste enforcement officer for throwing garbage on road from his vehicle. And for that, he had to pay £80 as a penalty. But he could not pay the penalty on the given time frame and after court proceedings; an order was given by the magistrate stating that the offender has to pay £450. Should a wrongdoer fail to pay the fine on right time; the penalty amount will get increased. Ipswich Borough Council spokesperson said that they are not going to tolerate Brit motorists throwing a cigarette butt from their car and make the streets or roads dirty. As soon as they will be caught red-handed, they will be charged with hefty fines.

It is must for the drivers not to throw garbage on the roads. Such cases tell us that we should not ignore the requests or laws made by the government and if we do so, the fines can be much bigger.

An official said that such steps are very important to take to preserve the environment.

As such fines can be quite heavy for any driver and if you feel that you need to save some money then you are advised to buy cheap car insurance. Browse some good price comparison site and select the best package for you.


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