Your Guide To Have A Low Carbon Lifestyle

By November 23, 2018Electric
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It is beneficial for us to have a low carbon lifestyle. Living this sort of life can be good for the environment as well as your energy bills.

Low Carbon Home

The biggest mantra for having low carbon homes is reduce, reuse and recycle. You must make sure that you should be as energy efficient as you can and thus, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Use the following tips to be more energy efficient:

  1. In Bathroom – Fix water dripping taps or showers and do not run the water for no reason.
  2. In Kitchen – Only boil the amount of water that you need. Always prefer microwave over oven as they are more efficient. Keep the lid on pans to heat or cook food faster.
  3. Home Insulation – You need to use the most effective ways to insulate your home to save energy and money.

Low Carbon Food

  1. Do not place the hot food in refrigerator as it will make the fridge work extra to keep the food cool.
  2. Purchase and consume locally produce organic products to eat.
  3. Do prefer vegetables over meat as producing meat needs more energy than vegetables.

Low Carbon Travel

  1. Avoid accelerating or stopping the vehicle suddenly as it consumer more fuel.
  2. When get stuck in traffic jam, do turn off the vehicle engine as it will save you some fuel.
  3. Stay away from short journey via vehicle. Walk by yourself as it will be good for your health and environment.

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